When your outside space is small, be ruthless

In the eternal quest to maximise outside space in a crowded city, any self-respecting urbanite makes the most of whatever they’re given.

Have a window sill? That’s the perfect place to nurture a mini herb garden in a window box.

Got a railings ledge? Ideal for growing some baby tomatoes.

Have a one meter space outside your front door? Plump for a fragrant jasmine or honeysuckle.

For space-starved urbanites, there’s no such thing as an outside space that’s too small – every m illimeter counts.

In fact, with property footprints getting smaller across the UK, there’s a real focus on making the most of small space living, both indoors and outdoors. The key to making the most of a small outside space? Think big, be ruthless. That’s according to garden expert Kendra Wilson:

“The tiniest garden is the loveliest,” she writes, quoting Vita Sackville-West. “A small garden does require more focus. Choose only the best trees and shrubs, as they will provide much-scrutinised height and volume. Think about their silhouettes and leaf shapes. Simplify materials (for paving, paths and seating areas) and make sure they relate to the house. Likewise, choose simple colours and pots and use garden furniture that can be folded up and put away. Use it to your advantage!”


Futon Company says: Maximising a compact outside space calls for space-enhancing garden goodies that look good but are easy to store when not in use. Here’s what we suggest…

Bistro Set








Folding Tennis Chair








Outdoor Half Moon Table








Archer Oak Chair








Outdoor Rectangular Folding Table