When it comes to design, trust your instinct…

For lovers of interiors and all-things-home it’s the age-old debate:  do you favour minimalism over maximalism; pared-down or highly decorative; muted rather than colourful…?

While trends can influence our preferences, when it comes down to it there really is no right or wrong in design; just what you love.  The only design crime is not trusting your instinct.

And remember, what goes around comes around.  Trends follow a 20-30 year cycle so buy what you love now and it’ll be the height of fashion again in 2034….

At Futon Company we’ve got a love-thing for solid natural European pine.  Last Big in the mid 80s, it’s making a comeback and we think it looks fantastic teamed with pared back, minimalist design.

Check out our Martha bed in solid unfinished natural European pine so it can be easily stained or painted to accommodate any taste…(though there’s nothing minimal about the chunky pine…this bed’s built to last a lifetime.)