What’s your Ikigai?

Travelling in Japan this week, one of our buyers came across an interesting book called ‘Ikigai: The Japanese Secret to a Long and Happy Life‘ by Hector Garcia. Never ones to shy away from life’s important questions, we were intrigued by his proposition: does happiness lie in your purpose in life?

Like the Danish Hygge movement before it, Ikigai comes complete with its own guiding philosophy, and is the idea that having a purpose or meaning in your life is the key to happiness. Curious as to whether ikigai and longevity have a causal connection, Garcia, a software engineer, set about exploring, interviewing residents of Ogimi, Okinawa, nicknamed ‘the Village of Longevity’. His resulting book claims that ikigai is “the Japanese secret to a long and happy life.”

Reviewed by, ikigai is associated with the bliss of always being busy. It is “actually a combination of your passion, your mission and your profession. Your ikigai can be very clear, but also something you’re still looking for.”

According to the book’s finding, the elderly of Okinawa never retire. The reason, they say, is because once you’re found your ikigai or purpose you don’t want to retire. This purpose is what gets you out of bed each morning.

Reviewing top findings from the book, says:

* Live in the present

* Stay resilient

* Avoid stress

* Stay physically active

* Sleep enough and make sure you rest

* Eat healthily

* Find a social network and spend time within a supportive community

* Keep your brain strong and active

* Spend time in nature, smile and be grateful

…In summary: your ikigai is doing something close to your heart that will get you into a flow. Do something you like, everyday!

Futon Company says: We love the concept of ikigai. It’s a philosophy close to our hearts. In fact, it’s a love and passion for interiors, furniture and design that lead us to set up Futon Company in 1980. While we acknowledge that designing, manufacturing and selling furniture is not likely to save the soul of mankind or find a cure for terminal disease, it can have a positive impact on the way that people live their lives day to day. As we discovered in 1980, our ikigai is to design products for people who live in small spaces and who need to make the most of every inch of their home.  It is this guiding philosophy that keeps us coming up with new and fresh ideas every month. What’s your ikigai?

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