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What’s hot in 2023: our pick of the top 5 trends

Image credit @peacockfinds

A new year brings fresh opportunities for our lives and our homes! As soon as twelfth night hits and the decs and tree come down, rooms feel uncluttered again returning to a blank canvas.

So, why not seize the moment and think about how you might want to revitalise your abode for the coming year? That said, it doesn’t need to be a total overhaul of your scheme, according to Melissa Epifano at Real Homes: “We know that completely redecorating and upgrading your rooms every time the oncoming year’s trends rock up is unrealistic. But it’s hard not to get excited about getting a peek at how our homes will shapeshift in future months.”

She adds, “Not every trend that pops up is worth trying either. Oftentimes though, there’s at least one look that suddenly makes you want to rearrange your entire bedroom or whip out a paintbrush.”

To help you stay ahead of the “style” curve, we’ve scoured the internet and cherry-picked a few of the easy-to-adopt trends about to hit our homes for 2023. Here are our top 5 you need to know about:

Technicoloured dream home
Dopamine decorating isn’t going anywhere. Never has this been truer with the Pantone Colour of the Year 2023, Viva Magenta – “a new animated red that revels in pure joy, encouraging experimentation and self-expression without restraint, an electrifying, and boundaryless shade that is manifesting as a stand-out statement”.

If that doesn’t give us carte blanche to decorate our homes in a riot of colour, then what does? There are many ways to incorporate colour into the home – we’re talking textiles, furniture, rugs, lighting or if you’re feeling daring, paint! Our advice would be to start small with accents of colour around the room and build as you go.

Live intentionally
Over the years there has been an awakening when it comes to a sustainable mindset. We’re becoming ever more aware of sustainability as we step into an age of living intentionally – where our decisions and actions are made with a greater sense of purpose.

Thus, say goodbye to fast furniture and say hello to well-made design. This significant shift is translating into the home with materials such as bamboo, cork and wool. Needless to say, these natural materials also help provide a much-needed calming effect on our increasingly hectic lives.

Biophilic design
According to research, plants can make us happier. A recent report from trend forecasting agency, WGSN, notes: “One review of 50 studies from around the world concluded that spending just 20 minutes around indoor plants can result in more positive thoughts. This interest in biophilia has been accelerated by the pandemic when people turned to nature and plants as a salve for stress.”

So, let’s start adorning our homes with green and bringing the outside in. If you want the look, but not the faff of keeping a multitude of plants alive, go faux! Maximum style with minimal effort.

Credit: @little_docklands_home

Touch it, feel it
2023 is all about going fully textural. Think sumptuous bouclé, fabulous fluting, touchy-feely textiles and silky smooth wood – creating homes to cocoon and comfort us in uncertain times.

Waves, curves and those with soft edges will go even bigger in the world of interiors, giving a nod to the 70s trend that has been drip-feeding back into our lives without even knowing. Tempted?

The flexible home
With budgets ever more stretched, we’ll be expecting our homes to work harder than ever in 2023. Multifunctional homes are not something new – they were put upon us during lockdown, but it looks like they’re here to stay.

Invest in pieces that will create a haven for success in all areas – even if you have a small home; from dual-functional furniture such as ladder shelving that doubles as a desk for hybrid working, to pocket sofas and nifty hidden storage that maximise every inch of space.

Are you ready to make the change and embrace something new for 2023? If you’re short on space or budget, it may just be a case of rejigging what you already have. Need more style advice? Visit our website or pop into one of our stores.