Want to know something fact-tastic?


Are you one of ‘those’ people?  Those avid DIY-ers who plan to spend the August Bank Holiday weekend making trips to the nearest B&Q and putting up shelves?  If so, you’re not alone.

According to The Spectator’s Helen Nugent, research from Lloyds Bank (June 2016) reveals that DIY spending has reached its highest levels since 2008.  What’s more, the survey show that the amount spent on tradesmen’s services fell by 15% in the two years to 2015.

If you’re not one of ‘those’ people are you one of ‘those’ people – those who embrace their leisure time?  Harry Mount, author and writer for The Spectator has spent time analysing research, academic studies and retail data, gives us a snapshot into those who relish their leisure time.  Facts reveal…

  • The average Brit moves home 11 times
  • Women devote eight years of their life to shopping
  • We watch TV for 9.1 years – around 2.8 hours each day
  • We spend five years surfing the internet
  • And 90% of our lifetime is spent indoors


Futon Company says:  As home-lovers and retailers alike, we’re not surprised by some of these statistics, but the fact that we spend 90% of our lifetime indoors did come as a bit of a shock.  However, if the figures are to be believed and we spend five years surfing the internet then it makes sense to be comfortable while you do it!  Check out our surfer starter kit for inspiration….

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