Up the ante at the weekend

Gone are the days of long, leisurely lunches. Today’s office workers are squeezing their lunch break into just 16 minutes. What’s more, it seems that dining-at-your-desk is the most popular location for squeezing in your sarnie (oh how we yearn for those long 1980s power lunches we read about in the history books!). The survey commissioned by Quorn also found that one in ten of us eats the same lunch every day, with cheese or ham the most popular.

Futon Company says: Sigh! It’s a sad fact that in 2019 working lunches have been reduced to a quick bite at our desks. However, with a combination of longer commuter times, lack of outside spaces close to many offices, and our over-reliance on smart phones it’s no wonder that our need for nourishment has been pushed to bottom of the pile! If you find yourself bolting back a sarnie in the week it might be time to up the ante at the weekend, taking time out for a leisurely lunch with friends or family and dining in style. If you need some inspiration to get you going, check out our slow-eating-inspired goodies -they’re guaranteed to get you in the mood for something more chilled!

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