Unlock Your Inner Einstein


Now that the days are shorter and it’s cold outside, there’s little motivation for leaving the house outside of work.  But the combination of too many nights hibernating in front of the TV or soaking in the bath can leave our brains feeling distinctly underused.  To keep winter brain fog at bay we’ve been investigating some top tips and brain hacks to help unlock your inner Einstein.

According to Neil Pavitt, the author of Brainhack:  Tips and Tricks to Unleash Your Brain’s Full Potential ( there’s a secret power in your brain to the tune of 100 billion neurons and 10 trillion connections.  And each human is only using 5% of it.  Here’s how to unleash your brain’s full potential….

  • Think like a child:  Pavitt says, “simply imagining yourself as a free-thinking, imaginative seven-year-old can make you more creative”
  • Take some exercise:  “Most people think it’s cerebral activities like reading and studying that improve our minds.  But exercise has a huge effect on brain function”
  • Make a done list:  “To-do lists are about goals, a done list is about achievements.  The brain unconsciously changes the former into a ‘what you haven’t done list,’ creating stress and anxiety.  A done list creates more positive associations”
  • Have a messy desk:  “Our brains are very impressionable so the unconscious cues of working in a messy room makes us think ‘messy.’  This disorderly thinking is an ideal state to be in when trying to come up with innovative and unexpected ideas…Researchers’ found that subjects in a messy room drew more creative pictures and solved a challenging brainteaser faster than subjects in a tidy room”
  • Watch a kitten video:  “If you feel guilty for watching YouTube videos of cute kittens at your desk, don’t.  Funny or feel good videos can relieve stress.  A study found 30 minutes of watching such clips lowered cortisol levels by 67% and adrenaline by 35%
  • Pick up a pen:  “Compared to typing, writing uses more of the brain.  The other benefit of pen and paper is avoiding the distraction of the internet – it’s has been found that students with laptops waste as much as 40% of their time on unrelated websites”
  • Have a nap:  “To solidify memories take a nap.  Siestas are proven to help solidify memories”


Futon Company says:  We knew it!  Kitten and puppy videos are good for the brain.  Result!  What a good excuse to post lots of cute posts…But seriously, it seems to us that a lot of Pavitt’s research is based around relaxation and taking time out from busy schedules to take a nap, write a few things down or create a done list.  To help aid relaxation we have plenty of goodies to get you going…

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