Tray Chic Tablescapes

For many of us, this is the time to hunker down, fire up Netflix, crack open the Quality Street and breathe! And with social exile the order of the day, there’s little else to do but pull on our fluffiest fleece and go with the flow! So when we came upon the article Style’s Big Night In in a recent issue of Style Magazine we were happy. It perfectly summed up the mood for what’s hot right now.

Says writer Jane McFarland: So, we’re all at home again. But forget Zoom quizzes – this time around, cheer yourself up with trayscapes, luxurious pyjamas and cracking open the cocktails at 11am. Table for one: meet the trayscape…. How are you styling out social exile? For most of the internet it seems to be setting the table: indeed, a hand-embroidered napkin here, a casually strewn micro-bouquet there, has just become our daily decompression. We had just got used to the word tablescape (a fancy name for making your dinner table look pretty), and now a new aesthetic has emerged: the trayscape, aka the art of laying a luxurious setting for one, this time on a tray. Consider it a posh TV dinner or a good way to disguise your third takeaway of the week. What started as a lockdown trend for households of one encouraged to seek solace in the single life has become pandemic-proof: not only is it great for safely dining in groups, when that’s allowed once more (you can socially distance your friends like scatter cushions throughout your garden), this moveable feast will keep the mundane mildly interesting – take it to the bed and beyond, while pretending you are at your favourite restaurant. Whether it’s the dim and distant memory of a dinner for 12 or a cosy soiree for two, the trayscape is a way to make even the most simple of mealtime experiences feel special, says Louisa Preskett of Maison Margaux, a luxury tableware company that rents out plates, crockery and glassware. Stick to the rule of three for a layered look – a place mat and two top plates and candles will give your trayscape scale – the larger the better.

While destination-themed tablescapes were trending this summer (bringing Mexico to Maida Vale and so on), the winter mood should be altogether more luxe: think jewel tones and velvet ribbons. According to Preskett, co-ordinating with your clothes is the latest trend (and probably the only excuse to dig out that velvet LBD). Just don’t forget to post it on the ‘gram. And try not to think about the washing up!

Futon Company says: Love this article! And who knew the humble tray would take centre stage during the pandemic! (If you remember, during the summer we did a blog about tray art). When times are tough it’s the little things that make a big difference, and if you’re anything like us you’ll be constantly thinking about food right now so this is all very topical!! PS if you want to be REALLY creative, why not take your tray into the bath along with a glass of wine and some nibbles! PS Happy Christmas!!

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Tahoe Bath Bridge

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