Top Tips For Sharing A Small Space

We’re all familiar with the challenges of living in a small space: limited storage, the need to be constantly tidy (or risk losing your belongings, let alone your mind!), the necessity of being flexible about how you use your space and the furniture you choose – these are all givens for making the most of small space living. But what happens when one becomes two and you make the decision to become a couple and share your space with a significant other?

This is a question we’ve often pondered here at Futon Company, but luckily we came across this helpful blog from  How to share a small space with your significant other is a must read for anyone about to take the plunge.

Here we ponder some of our favourite hints and tips from the Blog. They say….

“Co-existing in the same space can be psychologically challenging, especially if you’ve been used to having your own place or space…[however] there are ways to get by, and even strengthen your relationship in small spaces,” says the Blog author.

* Figure out your aesthetic as a couple: “You might have a clear-cut idea of what your personal style is, but how does that mesh with what your partner is drawn to?  Envision how you’d like your couple-space to look…Pinterest is a great tool for this”

* Don’t be afraid to purge: “Sacrifice and compromises will probably need to be made…make space for each other…ensure both parties feel they have ample space for themselves and their things”

* Make space: “In cramped flats and houses, wardrobe space is usually at a premium. Share spaces in creative ways”

* Realise that no space is too small for storage: “Every square inch is useable”

* Be discerning about what you buy

Futon Company says: In our experience, the secret to sharing a small space is all about communication. Tell your partner what’s important to you and listen to their views. Once you know what your ‘couple-priorities’ are in a small space it’s all about finding the space saving solutions to help you make the most of what you have. Check out our space saving saviours to get you started…

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