Top Tips For Navigating Narrow Doors (From an Expert)

As experts in small space living, we’re always on the hunt for facts, figures and insightful information about space saving tips. So when we came across Daniel Hale’s blog we were impressed!

His piece, ‘Large Furniture Through Narrow Doors’ is an insightful and practical article on how to navigate furniture through doorways. Anyone who’s ever moved into a new home will be able to relate to this, and as he explains, “When searching for the perfect home, most people don’t concern themselves with details like the size of doorways… This can lead to an unpleasant surprise when your furniture won’t fit. [But] fortunately there are some steps you can take to work around the problem.”

Here’s a summary of Hale’s top tips for navigating narrow doors:

– Get some help: “It’s safer and much easier to move heavy objects when more people are involved”
– Get the proper supplies: “Protect yourself and your home by gathering a stash including an Appliance Polly, moving blankets, furniture straps, sliding pads, and large rolls of plastic wrap”
– Take measurements: “Ideally do this before you buy to avoid disappointment” (we all know somebody whose sofa wouldn’t fit through the door)
– Remove door hinges: “They take up more space than you might expect”
– Remove all loose items: “Empty and pull out drawers, pull off couch cushions and remove any other loose pieces that might cause issues”
– Prepare to disassemble: “Examine all your large furniture items and appliances to see what parts can be disassembled, e.g., removing feet from couches”
– Gather the right tools: “A set of small metal wrenches, a Phillips head screw driver, and a flat head screwdriver”
– Wrap large items: “To avoid scratching or scuffing floors, door frames or walls”

Futon Company says:
When it comes to navigating furniture through doorways, Daniel Hale offers lots of sound and practical advice. For our part, when designing furniture it’s our mission to make it portable, lightweight and easy to move and store. A lot of our products are designed to be assembled at home or to fit into small spaces, so there’s less need to worry about awkward doorways. We’re well aware that the average home size is shrinking, especially in cities, so we always advise our customers to opt for furniture that can be easily disassembled, that is portable, and which can be easily moved around to maximise space. Another top tip is to buy furniture that has more than one use.

Now you’re well equipped to navigate with peace of mind!


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