Top Tidying Tips

If you regularly read our Blogs you’ll know that we know (and adore) tidying guru Marie Kondo. The eagle-eyed among you will also be aware of Kondo’s current stint on Netflix (we know – beyond exciting!).

So we were pleased to come across Hattie Crisell’s article in a back issue of Grazia ( (21 January 2019), which asks the question ‘what does our fascination with orderliness say about us?’

Part of the answer, muses Crisell is Kondo’s manner: “serene and delightfully positive, she’s like the real-life incarnation of a good fairy….but most of all she’s completely certain – and when you’re completely certain that what you’re conveying is true, people fall over you. There’s something magic about it.”

Kondo’s tidying message, Crisell reminds us, is that we must express gratitude for our belongings – thanking every item before we dispose of it – [which] also plays into a very 2019 mindfulness movement about how we live. After all, she muses, “we’re all increasingly tuned into the idea that paring back makes for a happier and also more ethical life.”

Kondo’s top tips for tidying in 2019:
* Commit: Believe in yourself. Try setting monthly goals – for example sort clothing this month, books next month and so forth. Setting time aside and giving yourself deadlines are keys to success
* Imagine your ideal lifestyle: Think about what kind of house you want to live in and what your ideal life would be like, says the author. How do you want to live once you’ve finished tidying and sorting?
* Tidy by category, not location: A common mistake is to tidy by room. This doesn’t work because all you’re doing is shifting items from one space to another. Instead, tidy up all things in the same category in one go
* Follow the right order: This is key to Kondo’s approach. Begin by sorting clothes, then books, papers, komono (miscellany), and sentimental items. This order is designed specifically to help you practice distinguishing what sparks joy.

And remember: before you get rid of an item thank it for its service to you.

Futon Company says: When you live in a small or compact home it’s more important than ever to streamline your space and curb the clutter. We love Kondo’s approach to tidying and are big fans of her small steps and mindful approach. Having the right furniture and accessories to keep the clutter at bay also have a part to play. Creating designated zones and spaces to store your stuff are also key to keeping you on track. If every item has its own space you’re less likely to keep buying new things (and it also means you can find items when you need them!).


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