The World According to James Wallman


Here at Futon Company we’re big fans of trend forecaster and author James Wallman. His book Stuffocation: Living More With Less really appeals, and his simple-living mantra makes sense to us as small space experts too, telling us to declutter and instead embrace experiences.

Now he’s back with more wise words, asking the question ‘what is luxury?’ in the May 2015 issue of Elle Decoration. In an article written to mark the V&A & Crafts Council exhibition What Is Luxury (running from now until September 27th), Wallman charts the evolution of luxury.

He says “what happens in the luxury sector fascinates me because those at the top of the socio-economic tree are more likely to be innovators and early adopters. What they are doing now can be a good indication of what everyone else will be doing in the future.”

Tellingly, his favourite exhibit is Marcin Rusak’s Time For Yourself. He says “featuring a pen with no ink, a watch with no dial, and a compass whose needle spins around to random points, it will make you wonder when you last got lost, either in space or time. It may bring to mind what it felt like – the fear, the magic, the sense of freedom and possibility. It should remind you that you – what you do with your time, where you go – are far more valuable than anything you own.”

Futon Company says: Yet more wise words from Mr Wallman. Embracing ‘me time’ and making the most of your precious free hours is certainly one of the biggest luxuries of all. And here are Futon Company’s suggestions for small space furniture which can help you embrace your down time while planning your next big adventure.




















Oak Gaijn Chair









Shine Daybed (DM)