The Tiny House Trend

As experts in small space living, we take an active interest in macro and micro trends in and around the home.

In the past we’ve shared several blogs focusing on the increase of so-called micro homes, so a feature in the August issue of Elle Decoration caught our eye. According to writer Eliza Honey, “Developers, housebuilders and even design brands are doing a lot more with a lot less space. In housing, great things now come in small packages, thanks to the introduction of the micro home.”

In the article, Honey focuses on private developer Pocket Living, who specialise in compact 38 square-metre one-bedroom flats. Their appeal? They cost 20% less than the surrounding market rate. With micro homes popping up in major cities across the UK, micro living, continues Honey, “is more than just a solution to a lack of urban space – it’s part of a growing minimalist revolution and a movement towards affordable house ownership.” As our lives continue to become more and more cluttered, the definition of ‘home’ is changing.

“New buyers are realising that houses don’t have to be big to be beautiful – it’s about putting your stamp on your living space, however small it may be. We’re paring down our belongings and not just making do with less room – rather we’re consciously opting for it.”

Futon Company says: It’s interesting that small space living is morphing from a necessity into a proactive lifestyle choice. We’ve always championed the ‘buy only what you love’ approach to furniture and accessories and we’re also big advocates of creating stylish and multi functional pieces for the home. The great thing about micro living is that it forces you to think mindfully about the pieces that help build your home. Rather than surrounding yourself with mindless clutter, each and every piece has to be carefully considered – and in our mind that can only be a good thing.  Check out some of our latest goodies…

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