The Rise of the Adult Sleepover

Here at Futon Company we’re big fans of ‘the sleepover’ – in fact, only the other week we were shouting about our BYOB (that’s Bring Your Own Bed!). So we were supremely chuffed to come across an inspiring article in the August 21st issue of Grazia Magazine, called ‘Staying In-In‘. The rise of the adult sleepover is apparently a thing, so we were intrigued to learn more…

Sleepovers are “No longer the preserve of adolescents… adult women are exchanging their traditional catch up routines for the joy of spending the whole night (and breakfast too) with their friends,” says author Gwendolyn Smith. The reason? Our lives are so hectic that a sleepover “Offers a chance to connect with friends on a much deeper level.”

While we love the fact that the adult sleepover is becoming mainstream, where’s the proof? “The sleepover trend is permeating culture elsewhere,” Smith says:

-Pyjamas. They are “now legitimate party wear. Dua Lipa’s New Rules video plays with the slumber party aesthetic”
-The Science Museum in London “invites visitors to bed down among the exhibits for ‘Astronights’ while the Natural History Museum hosts ‘Dino snores for Grown-Ups’, where guests camp under the new blue whale skeleton”
-The Zetter Townhouse, a boutique hotel in the capital, offers a ‘Grand Night In’ package where six friends can stay in a suite with cocktails, films and pampering

So why the rise in popularity? “It forces us to cut through the artifices of adulthood,” Smith says. “It’s impossible to play it cool when you’re larking about in the bathroom…wearing PJs.” What’s more, without having to rush home, it’s the ideal opportunity to engage in proper conversations and catch ups. In short, at a sleepover she’s reminded of her friends’ former “childhood selves.” And that can only be a good thing, right?

Futon Company says:
Any activity that involves hanging out with friends, relaxing and acting like a big kid gets our vote! From our perspective, the formula for an Adult Sleepover is simple. Take your close friends, add some comfy portable beds and cosy blankets, throw in some board games, some nostalgic films and plenty of snacks and beverages, and bingo – you’re ready to roll. Happy Sleepover!

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