The Return of Nesting Season

All eyes are on the clock right now, with autumn time well and truly here!

Despite the inevitable grumbles about shorter, darker days, others heralded the return of Nesting Season, not least because of the excuse to spend extra time in bed and on the sofa in front of Netflix!

Prepare your bedroom and get set for Nesting Season with these handy hints from (November 2017):
•    A good mattress is the foundation of any sleep-inspired bedroom. An uncomfortable bed can deprive you of up to one hour’s sleep every night
•    Lighting is the cornerstone to your boudoir. You’ll need different lights for different functions – overhead lighting for practical tasks, task lighting for reading and bedside lamps for creating ambience
•    Freshly ironed sheets makes all the difference. Have one hard pillow and one soft pillow for each person, and top off with a throw
•    “Surrounding your body in softness is key to a good night’s sleep,” says interior designer Joyce Wang. To make bedtime complete, opt for a bedside rug, a cosy dressing gown and a snuggly throw

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