In our regular Inside Scoop slot we speak to the people who work at Futon Company, in the factory, the stores and beyond….

This time we ‘talk’ to Jake Pearce, mascot, trusty companion and stress-combater to the team at Futon Company…

What is your name and job role at Futon Company?
My name is Jake and I am the Futon Company’s mascot. I am renowned for my suave good looks and people in the company generally regard me as the strong silent type.


When did you start working at the company?
I was little more than a young pup when I started working here. Robert, my owner quickly put me to work, pacing the factory floors and so forth. I lapped it up and soon became indispensible. I tour round the stores with Robert so my days are often spent on the road but what can I say? People love me.

Describe an ‘average’ day in your job
There’s no such thing as a typical day for me. Besides the obvious walking, grooming and eating duties I have on a personal level it’s a constant whirlwind of meeting and greeting my publics (or the store managers, Futon Company customers and people who work in our offices and factory, at least), posing for photoshoots – my latest spread was in December’s Telegraph, and generally giving moral support to my owner who also happens to co-run the company. It’s a dog’s life!

What is the best thing about your job?
The best thing about my job is there’s always somewhere comfy to have a little snooze. I might be biased but I think our futons are the most comfortable ones out there and there’s a sample in the factory where I can curl up when my popularity becomes too much. You’ll often find me curled up on an old sample model of our Linear two-seater. Zzzzz

jake desk

Why is your job important?
Research has proved that having a pet around contributes to positive mental health and wellbeing. I certainly agree with that! If I’m in the factory or the offices and I see one of my colleagues looking a bit tired or sad I trot on over, look up at them with my gorgeous doggy brown eyes and lift my head to indicate they can stroke me. It works a treat every time. I’ve even been known to turn sceptics into dog lovers. Just call it a gift…

Give us a space saving or small space tip
For me personally I favour a minimalist approach to life, be it clothes, furniture or accessories. The only things I need are bowls for my food and water, a scarf to keep my neck warm, a comfy futon to sleep on and the love of my family and colleagues. A small space suits me just fine.