Use colour to play with the proportions of your hallway and enhance your space says, Sarah Warwick writing for

Many hallways aren’t blessed with much natural light, and are small, so beware of using dark wall colours that will make the room feel even smaller. Use shades that will recede from the eye, appearing to stretch the space. This doesn’t mean you necessarily need to go neutral, though. Use pale blues and greens, for example, and they’ll have the same effect.

For larger halls, and period homes, you might want to opt for a traditional paint range and a darker colourway – a stately green or rich red can look fabulous. If you’re going down this route, think about creating good lighting to compensate for the lack of light reflection from your chosen wall colour. To stop your hallway looking like a corridor, you can use colour to alter its appearance. Using lighter shades on the long walls, and a darker colour on the far wall will make the space appear wider, but not as deep.

Futon Company says: Even a small space can benefit from clever use of light and colour so think carefully and assess your space before making style selections and remember that small doesn’t always equal neutral; there are plenty of rich and appealing colours which will suit small space living.