Maximize small spaces for an outdoor party with our tips for small-space outdoor entertaining. Whether you have a small deck, patio, or enclosed backyard, we give you ideas for making the most of your space while entertaining outdoors says Holly D’Anna in the blog



 Eucalyptus Folding Bench

The best way to maximize the space of a small porch or deck for outdoor entertaining is to keep furniture around the perimeter. Outdoor party guests will have more standing room in a smaller rectangular space instead of having to navigate around a large patio table.
When entertaining in a small apartment courtyard, maximize the space by keeping everything off to the side. If you share your apartment courtyard with other tenants, check with both your landlord and your neighbors before taking over the public space — and don’t forget to invite them to the party!
When entertaining in a small outdoor space, a large table for food can take up more than half of your space. Instead, set up a tray of appetizers on a small, fold-out table (like the ones used for TV dinners) and you’ll have more room for deck chairs, couches , or other decorations that will enhance your outdoor space.

Futon Company Says: Clever outdoor furniture solutions can help to maximise your outside space to its best advantage. Folding chairs and extendable tables are just two examples of multi purpose garden furniture which can be put to good use for parties and socialising, then folded up and stored when the rain comes.