There’s a whole variety of ways to add character to your hallway, says Sarah Warwick writing for

Hang Pictures
A group of pictures in the hallway will also help transform it from corridor to room. A collection of old frames hung together will look fabulous, and needn’t cost you much. Choose a similar finish to link different styles of frame. Themed pictures – for example botanical prints – or a set of black and white photographs can also make an attractive display.

Hanging items you’ve tracked down at sales and second-hand stores is a great alternative to pictures. Original printer’s trays make great display spaces for small items, or look out for vintage signs and posters.

Add Furniture
Furniture will give your hallway character, but also make it far more functional. Think about adding shoe storage so that dirt from the soles isn’t tracked any further into the house. To save space, a dual purpose piece that hides shoes inside, and that you can sit on to put them on is a great idea. If you have the luxury of more room, these can be two separate buys. Old benches and pews make great character features in a hall if there’s space.

Make a place for coats, too. Old coatstands are a great option to give the space a lived-in feel, so take the opportunity to have a scout around at secondhand stores or sales for bargain buys. Make a place for umbrellas, too. This doesn’t have to be a purpose-made holder – an old container given a new lease of life will look great.

A console or side table is useful. Choose one with drawers so that clutter can be concealed and the surface kept for decorative items to help give the hall personality. If you don’t have room, think about whether wall shelving would perform the same function without taking up floor space.

Go For Useful Accessories

To save a hall table or shelves getting covered with post, consider a mail rack into which you can sort everyone’s post when you pick it up from the mat. Make sure this is placed far enough away from the letterbox to prevent theft.

A key rack with space for each key-holder in a household is a good way to prevent keys getting lost. Again, it’s vital that this is placed at a distance from the door for security. Why not think about a wall clock, too? It’s always useful to be able to check the time as you come in or leave home, and it’s a fabulous way to add character to your hall. A mirror is also handy. Remember you can always paint the frame of an old buy you’ve been hanging on to, so you can save money. As well as providing a place for a last-minute check of your appearance as you go out the door, it will help make the hall brighter by reflecting light from the door or window.

Futon Company: Combining clever furniture with useful accessories and quirky and eye catching colours is an effective way to get the most from your hallway, whatever its size. With a wide range of products on the market designed for small space and space saving living there’s plenty to choose from!