9 small attic rooms that work

Green living isn’t just about living small, it’s also about maximizing the space you already have. While most attics are empty or used for storage, with just a little creative thinking that space could be used more efficiently. By converting an attic to an extra bedroom or home office, you get the extra space without resorting to an expensive addition or bigger home – a win-win for the environment and your pocketbook!

  • Small attics could be a great solution for a child’s bedroom [like a treehouse]. Really, who didn’t dream of this kind of a thing when they were a kid?
  • A little white paint goes a long way in making an attic feel bright and airy
  • Rich colored wood and delicate chandeliers make [a] room feel charming, even with a mattress on the floor!
  • Pitched roofs are not mandatory in attics [there are various configurations you can opt for]
  • Attics are perfect spaces for bedrooms. Not only are they cozy, but you really don’t need tall ceilings when the main activity is sleeping
  • Granted, most attics don’t come with windows and that’s why skylights and roof windows are great additions to provide natural light (and egress, if required)
  • Reusing existing boards or flooring can be a great way to keep old materials from going to the landfill.

Note: Attic floors are often covered with insulation so it’s a good idea (and probably required depending on where you live) to add insulation in the walls and ceiling of any space that’s being converted. And if your attic is vented, you might need to maintain an airspace between the top of the insulation and the bottom of the roof sheathing. Check with your local building code to be sure.

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Futon Company says:  Located at the top of the house the attic is sure to attract the sun (and cold) so consider lightweight furniture which can be easily moved according to the climate allowing you to maximise sunspots in the winter months and avoid them in the warm summertime.


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