It’s really difficult, even for the most organized people, to keep their attic clean and tidy. Attics are great places for keeping season clothing, empty luggage, holiday decorations, toys, equipment, but they also have a special charm. Transforming a loft into a nice new room is often a big challenge.

Firstly, try to visualise your dream room. Then, try to think of all the things you can put into that room. For example, you can convert your attic to a bedroom. This can also be a good investment, especially when the loft has the right type of insulation.

I strongly recommend you to add more light in your attic, no matter whether you want to turn it into a bedroom or a workshop. Most of the lofts are short on ceiling height. For example, I recently added a dormer, with the shape of an eyebrow, for extra ceiling height, space and light. I have to admit it was a good decision, because there is a lot more light coming in the room.

A friend of mine has recently moved from his house. After the cleaning services he has booked to help him, he made a big welcome party. I was really impressed by the look of his under roof space. The attic was transformed into the ultimate hangout pad. There was a foosball table and even a fridge for snacks. I’m sure all the guests had a great time.

If you want to turn your attic into a living-room, you should definitely add more flooring support. This is because the flooring structure is often too small. You should remove all the clutter in order to add more space for a chest drawer or for a TV, for example. Under roof space is also perfect for storing children’s toys.

Another great idea is to make the attic your childrens’ favourite spot. Maybe they’ll need some extra space for a computer or for a playing console. The loft can be ideal for the children, because they can feel more independent there. Make sure you provide the light needed so that they can study easily. The children will also have the sense of their own space.
No matter how your attic looks, always provide a way out. It’s a good practice to have an easily accessible exit. Sometimes it’s vital to escape the attic really quick in case of emergency situations. If nothing else, equip your attic with adequate storage. This way you’ll keep your living area clean and organized.

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Futon Company says:  With spring on the way what could be more productive than spring cleaning your attic?  Remember the aim of the game is to clear some space and clear the clutter so allocate a day when you have nothing else on and be ruthless!  If you haven’t used something for one year or  more do a good deed and give it to charity or sell it on ebay.


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