Don’t neglect your hallway!

Looking to make your hallway into a room in its own right? Want your hallway to be more than just a passageway? Don’t neglect your hall. The entrance to your home deserves as much care as the rest of your rooms when it comes to decorating and furnishing it. Here’s how to do it – and take care of your budget, too, says Sarah Warwick writing for

You can’t often change the layout of a hall without major expense so the most critical factor affecting layout are the items you need to store in it. Hallways are busy places. In the mornings there could be four or five people rushing around putting on coats and shoes and looking for bags, so any storage you do have can get in the way of this movement.

But it’s a simple problem to solve if you follow these rules:

* First, assess all the space available including up the walls, above and around doors and under the stairs. Are there any storage opportunities you’ve overlooked? Often there are dead spaces that have potential for storage or display. Is the cupboard under the stairs being used to its full potential, or could it benefit from being fitted out properly to take anything from the vacuum cleaner to shoes? Or, could you remove it completely to help the hallway feel more spacious?
* Stairways must be unimpeded, for safety, but landings (and particularly the walls there) can often house less used items, such as books (on shelves) or homework bags (on hooks).
It’s very easy to treat your hallway like a corridor to your ‘real’ rooms. But why waste the opportunity to create a great-looking space that you will enjoy every day? Giving it style and character needn’t cost a lot, and you’ll love the results.

Futon Company Says: We say ‘learn to love your hallway!’ Whether your hall is large and luxurious or small and compact there are always opportunities to maximise your space by thinking in ways which are smart as well as opting for furniture and accessories which are both space saving and savvy.


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