The hallway: how to make a good entrance

The hallway is often overlooked, despite being the first room you enter when arriving home. You may not spend a lot of time there, but nevertheless, it’s still one that deserves some proper TLC.

“Just because you’re moving through a space regularly to get to another room where you might spend longer, that doesn’t make it less important – if anything, it makes it more important,” says interior design magazine, .

First impressions do count. A well-designed entrance hall sets the right tone for everything else. It gives clues as to what to expect from the rest of the home.

While the hallway is often dark and narrow, especially if you live in a small pad, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with it and get super creative.

With a few clever touches, you can transform your hallway into a stylish area that feels warm and inviting. Big ideas for small spaces – here are our top tips to get you started so keep scrolling…

1 . No room for clutter

Tidy home, tidy mind. The hallway can easily become a dumping ground for unsightly clutter. Therefore, what goes into that space really matters and storage plays a key part in it.

Simply storing things away helps make an entryway look bigger in an instant. Console tables are perfect for concealing everyday items like keys and post, but also for showing off beloved objects like ornaments and lamps.

But what if you’re short on space? A hallway bench is a good alternative as it often comes with built-in storage underneath for brollies, dog leads and shoes. You can also perch on it while getting your shoes on/off. Still too big? Then why not try a coat stand – or even a simple set of wall hooks? They’re easy to install taking up almost zero floor space.

2. The feeling’s neutral

Injecting colour into the hallway can give a cosy vibe as well as the illusion of space. Pale neutrals are the go-to; many still go for grey, but beige is certainly on the rise adding warmth and comfort.

Go further with your neutral scheme by pairing beige walls with light oak furniture for a coordinated look.

3. Mirror, mirror on the wall

Mirrors are not just for that last-minute check before departing, but also for bouncing light around. Using mirrors to enhance the feeling of space might well be the worst-kept design secret, but you can’t beat it as it works every time!

Opt for an organic-shaped mirror to make a style statement in the hallway, or one with a slim shelf for extra storage.

4. Bright ideas

Lighting is key in every room – and the hallway is no exception. Wall lamps are great for creating ambience with their softer glow; alternatively, pair them with overhead lights to ensure the area is well lit. The last thing you want is somewhere that feels gloomy and unwelcoming.

5. Picture-perfect

Although most hallways don’t have a huge amount of wall space, you can still design your own gallery – be it big or small. Having pictures on the wall is a brilliant way not only to add fun and personality but also to create a homely, lived-in environment. For a truly eclectic look, go bold by covering an entire wall with photographs, paintings and prints.

Otherwise, start at the other end of the spectrum by displaying a few personal faves – without being overwhelming to the surroundings.

With summer entertaining season just around the corner, now is time to ensure your home is guest-ready and makes a great first impression. For more hallway ideas and inspo, check out our or our latest .