The Definitive Guide to Decluttering


According to Elle Decoration’s Editor-in-Chief Michelle Ogundehin, the typical house is filled with £3,450-worth of unused clutter – that’s £93 billion nationally!  What’s more, one in five homes contain enough unwanted items to fill an average bathroom.  That’s some serious clutter.

To tackle the crisis, she proposes her personally designed #EDapproved plan of attack for a “jolly good sort out.”  Here’s her lowdown…

  • Identify the main trouble spots.  The most common areas to hoard, according to Elle Decoration, are lofts, basements, cupboards, wardrobes, under the bed and in garages and sheds.  These must be  tackled first
  • The key to letting go of clutter is to get it out of the house as fast as possible.  This means there’s no time to change your mind.  Grateful recipients include:

o   Furniture re-use network which houses furniture and electrical appliances in low-income households

o   British Heart Foundation (0808 250 0024) will collect furniture, books, toys and clothes for free

o   Freecycle is a non-profit network of people giving away stuff for free in their local area

  • Do it quickly.  When attempting to declutter speed is of the essence.  Pick one area and go for it
  • Stay focused.  The aim of decluttering, says Ogundehin, is be more efficient and to enjoy yourself at home, not waste your life hunting for keys.  Tidy now, play more afterwards
  • Care for the things you keep.  Surrounded only by deliberate purchases that bring you pleasure, you will be happier and these things will last longer because now you will have the time to care for them
  • And if all else fails, call The Clutter Clinic, a by-the-hour service which offers hands-on advice of editing your belongings

Futon Company says:  A decluttering purge is good for the mind, and tidying up around the home can make a real difference to how you look and feel.  It’s far too easy to avoid having a clearout but with the right storage furniture in place and clever storage techniques what are you waiting for?  What’s more, our savvy storage ideas are perfectly designed for small space living…

Bamboo 5-Tier Shelf










Stacking Cube











Canvas Storage Shoe Organiser











Folding Laundry Bag