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The best things come in small packages for Covidmas 2020

It’s official – advent has arrived! But what an unprecedented start to the festive season!! It’s (almost) Christmas Jim, but not as we know it! What to make of it? Called Covidmas by the Sunday Times, it seems that this year’s festivities will be defined by you-know-what. An article by journalists Louise Eccles and Grant Tucker, says: Shops will stock smaller puddings, turkeys and packs of crackers to cater for more intimate family gatherings this Christmas. Supermarkets have shrunk some products because many people may choose not be with their wider families.
Richard Lim, chief executive of the Retail Economics consultancy, said: Retailers have been re-engineering package sizes to meet the reality that many people are having smaller Christmases, whether that’s crackers or turkeys.
While food may be shrinking, the tree industry is set to boom. About five million Britons normally go abroad at Christmas, but far fewer are expected to travel this year. The British Christmas Tree Growers Association, whose 320 members provide more than eight million trees each year, expects 2020 to be its busiest year yet.
Christmas card sales are also expected to rise as people post letters to loved ones they cannot see.

Futon Company says: See! We’ve been saying for decades that the best things come in small packages and now the rest of the retail industry is in agreement! Seriously, though, we know this Christmas is going to be very different for many of us, so our philosophy is that rather than feeling sad about what’s lost or isn’t going to happen, let’s focus on the positives and the pluses, and be grateful for what we can control. For our part, a jolly Christmas 2020 will be all about being warm and cosy, eating nice food, relaxing and, of course, the obligatory Zoom calls with absent friends and family. Happy Covidmas everyone!

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