The Best of the Blues….

Of all the colours in the spectrum, blue is the most controversial. Blue Monday is the codeword for one of the most miserable days of the year, a Blue film implies something seedy and inappropriate, and all this adds up to the conclusion that ‘blue is as moody as we are’ (says Lidija Haas writing for

Yet in nature and fashion, and increasingly in and around our homes, blue is fast becoming a byword for style, calm and serenity. With a dazzling array of hues, spanning baby blue, aquamarine, indigo, cerulean, cobalt and electric, blue is also the colour of the sky. It can be calming or invigorating, peaceful or intense, and according to blue is ‘a universal favourite of men and women in businesses; blue is friendly, authoritative, peaceful and trustworthy.’

And now the National Gallery is opening its doors to an exhibition dedicated to colour. “Making Colour” opens on June 18th and runs until September 17th 2014. In celebration of the ‘most mercurial hue of them all’ (Lidija Haas writing for and to welcome the opening of the exhibition, Futon Company takes a look at the best of the blues….

Pantone 18-3921 (check out this shade for Futon Company Autumn Winter 2014/15 range…coming soon)