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The 4 autumn/winter trends you need to know about

September has really crept up, and as the cooler days and darker evenings take over from the unseasonal heatwave, our thoughts naturally gravitate towards the autumn/winter trends in interior design. So, what can we expect for the home this season?

“As we enter into the latter stages of the year, our desire to create a personal sanctuary away from the busy world outside is stronger than ever,” says Tamara Kelly at Woman & Home. “It’s, therefore, no surprise that many of the key interior design trends of 2023 have a running thread of comfortability, ease, and longevity… Whether through sustainable materials and designs that create a state of relaxation, or the latest mood-enhancing interior paint colour trends, our homes should be a place of solace but one that reflects personality too.”

In the next few months, our desire to hunker down and embrace the comforts of home will grow stronger, fueling our love for cosy living spaces adorned with materials and textures. But hang on tight, the world of interior design is ever-evolving, with fresh and captivating trends perpetually on the horizon. Here are our top four you’ll want to keep your eyes on – and maybe even try out at home:

As we prepare for the months ahead, prioritising a sense of cosiness and warmth becomes paramount. Therefore, it’s no surprise that the newest ‘core’ trend making waves is appropriately dubbed ‘Cocooncore’. This trend underscores our need for tactile and reassuring materials and furnishings as we head into the chillier months.

Bouclé is still a much-loved fabric taking centre stage as a trend in its own right. Combine it with fleecy quilts, sumptuous velvet and faux fur cushions, and deep, inviting sofas like the Doze, and there you have the ultimate sensory snug. While indoor plants and greenery help provide a calming force, plant stands are an excellent way to group them together and maintain a tidy and harmonious look.

Into the blue
Blue may not be a natural choice for the winter months, but its soothing and tranquil qualities make for a front-runner when it comes to creating the right mood for the new season.

Farrow and Ball has just launched an array of new paint colours and wallpaper designs created in collaboration with American fashion designer, Christopher John Rogers. The 12 new paint shades in the ‘Carte Blanche’ collection thoughtfully blend vibrant pops of colour with soft neutrals and richer tones. Notably, a third of this collection is composed of various shades of blue, firmly establishing the long-lasting allure of this trend, set to thrive throughout 2024.

If you’d rather test the waters with some blue vibes instead of going all in with paint, you can tastefully infuse your space with subtle hints through carefully picked accessories and furniture.

The art of organisation
Why leave spring cleaning to just one season? Autumn is a great time to overhaul the home and get organised for the busy year-end.

Clever storage is always in fashion, but what’s currently trending on TikTok is the oh-so-satisfying #kitchenorganisation – think floor-to-ceiling pantries filled with neatly labelled jars and impeccably arranged groceries. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of a designated kitchen pantry. Fear not – you can achieve the same effect with freestanding solutions such as flexible shelving or space-saving baskets.

Consider adding stacking racks to your countertop for keeping spices and kitchen essentials within easy reach, effectively maximising vertical space and minimising clutter. Extend your organisational prowess beyond the kitchen – stash away your summer clothes and picnic paraphernalia in underbed storage bags. Now that the kids are back in school, it’s the perfect time for a reset.

Ahead of the curve
Curvy sofas, soft-edged furniture and those cool arched door frames? They’ve been all the rage this year, and guess what? They’re not going anywhere quite yet! Round and oval dining tables are giving those traditional rectangular ones a run for their money. And speaking of a blast from the past, retro-inspired furniture is also making a groovy comeback.

But if you’re not quite ready to give your whole place a makeover, you can still get in on the trend with some smaller touches like snazzy mirrors, statement lighting, and handy trinket pots and trays. Easy peasy!

Ready for some cosy vibes? Dive into our nifty trend guide, and if you’re hungry for more ideas, visit us online or drop by one of our stores.