Temporary Style Solutions


It’s a well-known fact that the shortage of affordable housing and the crazy cost of raising a deposit is set to swell the ranks of generation rent over the coming years. According to, by 2025 more than half of under-40s will be living in properties owned by private landlords.

And while there are plenty of benefits to renting (a landlord to fix a broken boiler, for one) there can be challenges, notably the interior decor. Inheriting a challenging colour scheme and the inability to put your own mark on a space are two of the most frustrating aspects of renting a property, but as says: “Dependent on your landlord, paint could be out of the question. But there are other ways to inject your personal style into a space. Cover up what you don’t like, add in lots of things you do.”

Making your rental house into a home means it’s all about creating temporary style solutions which can be easily transported, and Grazia’s Rachel Loos has some stylish tips on how to bring your rental home to life.  She says…

•       Invest in a wow rug. “Rugs are the easiest way to define a space and build a personality”
•       Work with what you have. If your rental property has a challenging colour scheme work with it rather than fighting it. Think clever accessories, eye-catching lightshades, complementary bed linen and a jaunty bedside lamp – they can all offer an antidote to an overpowering colour
•       Hang a marvellous mirror. “A great mirror is a one-stop way of making a dull bathroom look a little more special”
•       Style up a sideboard. “Don’t give up on a short wall – it’s the perfect place for a sideboard. Introduce interesting shapes and paintings [to give it personality]”
•       Make a talking point. “A sure-fire way of giving a room character is a piece of furniture that cannot be ignored”

Futon Company says: Investing in portable pieces that pack a punch is another way to inject some temporary style into your rental property. What’s more, portable furniture is perfectly designed for small space living. Think lightweight furniture that maximises the potential of any room and stand-out accessories and textiles that make a statement. And if you haven’t come across our leaning storage units before, you’ll be pleased to know that they are landlord-friendly as they don’t have to be fixed to the wall. That’s because we supply them with non-slip silicon pads for top and bottom. Just lean them with the pads affixed and they’ll stay put. But of course if you have children or dogs running around and do want to fix them very securely, there’s a discreet wall bracket too.


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