Taking Small Steps Towards A Brighter Future


Dry January may be long gone but it’s never too late to work towards new resolutions which will help you to live a healthier, happy and more stress-free existence. What’s more, according to Nora Rosendahl, Nelli Lahteenmaki and Aleski Hoffman, authors of ‘The Book of YOU’, the key to achieving your goals is not about making grand sweeping gestures. Rather, the focus is on taking small micro-actions which will empower you to make changes happen.

The book divides each micro-action into four categories:
• Food: simple changes can add years to your life, say the authors. Food micro-actions are not only about what you eat but how, when, how much and with whom
• Mind: the mind determines who you are and how you act. But it isn’t set in stone and the authors believe you can train your mind. Mind micro-actions focus on mindfulness, productivity and organisation
• Move: micro actions in this category are about everyday movement – small, easy actions that you can incorporate into your daily routine
• Love: this is about your relationship with yourself and others. Treating someone well triggers a positive reaction in that person, which triggers a positive reaction in you, too

Some of our favourite micro actions from the book include:
• Give someone a gift: Have you ever received a small gift unexpectedly? How did that feel? There’s no need to wait for birthdays or Christmas, the best time to give a gift is today. It doesn’t need to be big – send a postcard, pick up some flowers, or simply do something you know will make another person happy
• Do a task you’ve been putting off: Select one thing languishing on your to-do list. Pick up that extension lead at the DIY shop, mend the broken hinge on that cupboard door, make an appointment to get your teeth checked. Just pick one thing from your nagging to-do list and get it done today
• Drop some emotional baggage: Give up a long-held grudge, forgive a friend or colleague, stop dwelling on a past regret. Unfinished emotional business weighs you down – it’s not called ‘baggage’ for nothing. Target some old business and forgive, forget and move forward
• A random act of kindness: Kindness makes us feel good, but did you know that it is also linked to happiness and health on a biochemical level? Kindness causes the release of oxytocin and dopamine in the brain, which contribute to reducing inflammation in the body and can slow the ageing process. Who could you show a random act of kindness to today?
• Celebrate colour: We’ve all heard that blue makes you calm, yellow is the colour of happiness etc. Wear something colourful or add a splash of colour to your home or office. You could choose one that reflects your mood or, for best brain stimulus, try one you wouldn’t normally choose and see how it makes you feel

Futon Company says: Here at Futon Company we’re lovers of all things small – small spaces, small steps – what’s more, we’re big believers that small is beautiful. So if your home is compact and in need of some TLC, why not follow the small steps mantra and make some small but positive changes to your home. Think about smart storage solutions and consider clearing out your space – one drawer at a time so as not to feel overwhelmed. Small space living doesn’t need to feel claustrophobic if you organise things right…

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