Switch up your storage space

Futon Company says: We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: Over the past 14 months, the way we use our homes has changed significantly for many of us. Whereas once it was primarily a place to eat, sleep and relax at the weekends now it has become more than that – a workplace, a sometime school, a gym, a restaurant, bar and place for virtual socialising (and don’t get us started on the garden!). With all this extra usage comes extra kit which, in turn, requires extra storage space! So with this in mind we were super chuffed to come across this brilliant blog by Fan Winston ‘8 stylish storage solutions California bungalow edition‘ In it she revisits the rental bungalow of one of Remodelista’s founders after seven years and finds herself newly smitten with the home’s effortless styling and bungalow charms. In 8 Stylish storage solution, California Bungalow edition she shares some fabulous home hacks, and we select our favourites:
• A stool used as a coffee table: Aside from the sofa in the bungalow, the only other furniture items are two chairs and one stool, which functions as both a coffee table and extra seating
• Baskets for everything: In a laidback California home, you can never have too many baskets. In the bungalow wire baskets are used to hold newspapers and a woven basket contains magazines and a knitting project
• No-nails hanging storage: If you have a picture rail moulding this can be used to hang things from by using an S hook
• A pot rack over the window: If you have dead space above your kitchen window it can be used to hang a pot rack
• Kitchen essentials can be hung and displayed: If your kitchen is short on storage consider hanging (your kitchen gloves and apron and dustpan and brush)
• Re-purpose your laundry basket frame: A folding laundry basket frame with a wire tray added on top can be repurposed to store your mobile phone and paperwork before you move it into your office space for the working day
• Dining chairs that stack: A must for anyone who has to content with a small space – stackable chairs

Wire Basket Tray

Limoges Basket

Oak Dressing Stool

S Hooks

Overdoor Hanging Ladder