Surround Yourself With Things That Make You Smile…


Home is where the heart is, so the saying goes, so it’s perfectly natural to invest your heart, soul and energy into designing your space. But for Anna Rose, one half of the design studio Otago, featured in the July issue of Red Magazine, another key feature is making the most of what’s already on offer.

She says, “try not to be wasteful when designing your space. I always reuse and reclaim as much as possible – from floorboards to scraps of fabrics – it’s an eco friendly way of keeping costs down.” Taking inspiration from the renovation of her home in Queen’s Park, London, she offers some really inspiring design tips. What’s more, she’s a real advocate of surrounding yourself with colours and objects you love rather than following a fixed formula. Here are some of our favourite tips from Anna Rose:

• Storage really is the most important thing in a home. You don’t want to move in and then realise you have nowhere to store the vacuum
• It can be tempting to extend into attic space but sometimes it’s best left as storage. Do you really need that extra room?
• I love to use open shelving and glass fronted cabinets. It’s tempting to hide away clutter [but] it’s satisfying to display the objects you love
• To me there are no rules when it comes to mixing styles. Your home is meant to reflect your personality so trust your taste and it will end up looking unique, homely and relaxed rather than overly designed
• If you work from home it’s good to separate your work area as much as possible. Tidy space equals tidy mind

Futon Company says: We like Anna Rose’s mantra ‘tidy space equals tidy mind’ and this is especially important for small space living. We’re also big advocates of the philosophy which tells you to buy only what you love and surround yourself with things that make you smile. Check out our latest feel good furniture from the Futon Company Design Masters range

Knitted Chair from Jane Crisp











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