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Summer sleepovers: our guide to guest beds on the go

School’s out for the summer! Whether you’re hosting grandkids over the holidays, heading to one of this year’s hottest or the big kids are back from uni, we’ve got your sleeping arrangements sorted for a restful slumber. Compact, easy to use and store, all options are perfect for an impromptu sleep or slouch space in any situation.

Bag a bed to go
If you’re planning a camping trip or attending a cool summer sleepover such as , why not grab a bed in a bag? Like the name suggests, it’s a hassle-free solution for those on the go and even better, it takes seconds to roll out – so you’ll be spending less time inflating and more time enjoying the adventure.

Small space solutions
Don’t have a spare room? Fear not, a handy space-saving saviour such as the Porta bed, will fit anywhere – Porta by name, porta(ble) by nature! Measuring a slim 60cm in width, this thicker filled, easy-to-use bed is designed to make the most of any room available. When not being used as a bed, it can double up as a cosy seat for a reading nook or chillout area.

Multifunctional beds
If space is at a premium, choose adaptable furniture that doesn’t need storing away. Consider a folding Z bed like this cube bed, which transforms from a footstool or coffee table by day and comfy sleep space by night. Its clever design also offers handy pockets to house books, magazines and remote controls.

Another great example of furniture that makes the most of small space living, is a compact sofa bed that effortlessly changes from sofa to the comfiest of guest beds.

Make it cosy
Above all, guarantee your guests a good night’s sleep with sumptuous textiles and appropriate lighting, says Ideal Home’s Amy Cutmore: “Whichever option you go for, be sure to layer it up with plenty of bedding. Add at least two pillows, a duvet and an extra throw so guests can get as cosy as they like. Make sure there’s a light nearby, too. If you’re choosing a sofa bed, it’s easy enough to place it next to a side table with a lamp for reading.”

Don’t be caught short this summer, it’s never been easier to host guests – even in the smallest of spaces. For more inspiration, Livingetc has to make visitors feel welcome. Also, check out our latest collection of Go Beds online or in-store. Happy holidays!