Sugary shades for spring

Leafing through a back issue of Grazia Magazine,12th March, we came across a news piece called This week’s fashion manifesto, which included some sound advice, namely: embrace a Lent loophole: sugary shades are good enough to eat but not technically cheating.

We love the idea that sugary shades are a thing right now, and with spring on the horizon it makes total sense to move away from dark winter-focused interiors towards something more fresh. With this in mind we’re shamelessly following Grazia’s advice and turning our attentions to our new products, many of which come in sugary shades that are good enough to eat!

Here’s the pick of our favourites….

Hammam Towel (Corsica)


Scoop Sofa


Hapur Cotton Ribbed Rug (blue)


Quilted Jersey Cushion (ocean green)


Embroidered Beetle Cushion (George)