Styling your small space


We love browsing through magazines for inspiration and ideas, and we thrive on finding top tips for making the most of small spaces. So when we came across an article in Grazia (, 28th January issue, called How to make a small space look and feel bigger you can imagine how thrilled we were!

Written by the inspiring interiors writer Rachel Loos (, this perfect piece was brimming with fabulous ideas and simple tips (not to mention blow-away visuals from photographer Anita Behrendt.) So in tribute to these fabulous creatives we’re sharing our favourite ideas from the feature:

* Paint your walls, ceiling, skirting and cornicing the same colour – this makes the lines blur and the room appear larger as there are no contrasts to draw the eye. Go for pale colours – shades from the grey spectrum work well.
* Try and buy furniture that blends in with your wall colour. Similar shades create a sense of space and trick the eye.
* Floating shelves hung close to the ceiling draw the eye up, making ceilings appear bigger.
* A solid wood floor rather than carpets reflects the light and so makes a room feel more spacious. Similarly, a glass or perspex table allows you to see through it.
* Use floor and table lamps to brighten corners so the whole room is illuminated. A pendant light on a long cord will make the ceiling appear higher. In a small bedroom go for wall lights or pendant lights hung low.
* For smaller windows go bare or use blinds. For large windows consider floor-to-ceiling curtains that start just below the ceiling and go all the way down to the floor – another styling secret that tricks the eye into thinking the ceiling is higher.
* Edit your accessories. Too many will cause distractions while a few strategically placed pieces will attract the eye and miminise attention from the size of the room.
* The key to keeping a small space looking spacious is to keep it clutter free.
* Mirrors are a tried and tested way to make a room look and feel larger. Place it opposite a window where it will pick up and bounce the light around.

Futon Company: Careful curation is the key to small space living in our experience. Less is more is definitely the case, and it’s better to have less furniture that works harder rather than piling things up until it looks like a flea market. Dual or multi-functional furniture is a great starting point, as are pieces that maximises awkward spaces.


Hat Tree (designed by Ben Fowler)

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