Stripping Back to Basics


In our Futon Company blog we’ve talked a lot about Marie Condo over the past couple of years. Her bestseller, ‘The Life-Changing Magic Of Tidying’, which launched in 2014, shone a whole new perspective on the phrase ‘tidy home, tidy mind.’

As experts in small space living, her cathartic and almost psychological approach to cleansing the clutter really appeals to us – we’re big believers in maximising the space you have and keeping your clutter under control.

So while flicking through the Sunday papers, we were intrigued to read a piece by Daniel Pembrey in the Sunday Times Home section (April 23rd 2017) which gave us his take on clutter control.

According to Pembrey, Kondo is “The doyenne of her genre”, which has been taken to the next level by “self-styled US ‘minimalists’ Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus. The pair of creatives and film-makers ditched their high-paying jobs to live simply and frugally, cleansing their wardrobes and lives and “Making a powerful statement about consumer culture”.

The trend for simple living is apparently being fueled by other factors closer to home – for example, the lack of affordable housing is making renting the norm. In turn, the need to constantly move around doesn’t make for ‘nesting’, buying lots of things for the home, or adopting a maximalist lifestyle.

As a freelance journalist, Pembrey is part of a generation that values experience over possessions and he has set out his 10 things that a home really needs to have…

  • A great bed – especially a good quality mattress
  • An organised wardrobe
  • A gathering place – a social aspect to the home, for example a circular table
  • A transitional entrance space – somewhere to shuck off wet coats and boots
  • A place to truly relax – a bathtub, a yoga mat, a sofa
  • A connection to nature – a pot plant
  • Natural light sources – a window
  • A desk – as well as a chair and good lighting
  • Technology that doesn’t intrude – ideally a TV that can be hidden away
  • That item that won’t go away – an object that means something to you


Futon Company says: We love Daniel Pembrey’s approach to living well and it mirrors our own approach to making the most of the space you have. In our view, despite how small your space may be, there’s always a way to carve out a place for everything you own. Think multi-functional and lightweight furniture that can be easily moved around and easy-to-store pieces that can be brought in or out whenever you have company. In this case, less really is more…

Haiku 2 Seater Birch Double Sofa Bed











Laptop Desk











Flood Lamp











Round Grey Stripe Laundry Hamper