Streamlining your stuff in a small space

When your space is snug there’s a bigger need than ever to curb your clutter and streamline your stuff. Editing and collating your belongings takes on a whole new meaning when it comes to small space living. So we were intrigued to hear about The Home Edit by US-based Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin. According to Grazia (2 Feb) this tidy team is all about stylish sorting – cupboards and drawers that get you organised, but also make all your stuff look gorgeous. Think chic, clear containers that work together and are decorated with pretty category labels. Their way of working has bagged them 1.4m followers on Instagram and an A-list clientele. Clea and Joanna have organised Gwyneth Paltrow’s playroom and panty, and that of Kim Kardashian, while Reese Witherspoon is currently filming a series with them for Netflix.

Here they give their tips on how to get organised easily and stylishly:
• Focus on one space at a time. A single drawer is the best jumping-off point because it’s manageable and will give you your first big win.
• Think about the supplies you need to help organise your space. For example, if it’s a pantry, think jars and cereal containers. Make sure they coordinate with each other or it will look messy.
• Editing is crucial. Remove everything from the space, then group the items by category (for a home office, categorise piles of paper into things like business, taxes, pending projects) and pare this down to only the items you want or need.
• Organise these categories back into the space using the containers you’ve already bought. The rule of thumb is functionality and logic first, then style.
• Remove any unnecessary packaging wherever it makes sense. Not only does this maximise space and make everything look cleaner, but you’ll also be saving a step when you need to access the item.

Futon Company says: Some super tips here from The Home Edit. As experts in space saving living we’re always receptive to handy hacks and hints on how to maximise space and streamline your stuff. For us, a key top tip is maximising wall space using hooks and shelves – that way you can see things (as these experts suggest). Check out our space saving saviours to trigger your clear-thinking mindset.

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