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Stay in your comfort zone: 5 ways to cosy up your home for Autumn

The nights are drawing in, which means 1) Autumn is here, and 2) we will be spending more time indoors – whether it be snuggling up on the couch for Netflix binges, or enjoying some hearty homemade meals with family and friends.

Many of us have experienced ongoing fatigue and burnout in recent months, as a result of the pandemic and multiple lockdowns. A recent survey commissioned by the mental health charity, Mind found that “the wellbeing of 41% of employees had got worse during the pandemic, while about half of respondents said their work life had interfered with their home life”.

As our daily lives slowly return to normal, albeit a “new normal”, now is more important than ever to reclaim our home, making sure it remains a place where you can fully rest, relax and recharge.

But how do we do it? It can be easy – even if you’re short on space. Remember, it’s all about bringing in warmth and comfort. Think super soft seating, tactile materials and glowy ambient lights. Need a bit more? Here are our top five easy-to-do hacks to help you create a cosy nest for Autumn…

1. Start with the sofa
For most of us, our living room is where we do everything from lounging to snoozing, eating to working. The sofa is one piece of furniture that gets used every day, and there’s nothing more inviting than sinking into a sumptuous sofa after a long working day.

Sit back on our Chester pocket sofa for ultimate relaxation; alternatively, try our Scoop sofa. Generously proportioned with a cocooning shape and plush padding, both sofas offer superb comfort without compromising on style.

And if you want to take the comfort levels up a notch, opt for a sofa bed – like our new Suki 2-seater – so you can jump straight into a power nap in an instant.

2. It’s all about layering
A super comfy sofa isn’t complete without some tactile throws and lush cushions. Remember, the key to this is layering, so go all out and don’t be afraid to mix and match different materials and textures. Choose from fleece, velvet, quilting and woven cotton; they are great for keeping you warm and snug while warding off the autumnal chill.

3. Don’t forget to look down
A rug is a simple way to add texture underfoot as well as depth to the space. What’s more, it makes the room feel homely and welcoming, especially if you have wooden or stone floors, so it’s a no-brainer!

But what should we go for? Shaggy or thick pile rugs provide the optimal comfort if your looking for something cosy and luxurious. And it’s true – shape does matter; a rectangular rug is best for long spaces, while a circular or square rug works better in a wider room.

4. Time to glow up
Lighting plays a key role in every home, no matter what size it is. You can instantly create an ambience by brightening up a dark corner with a table or floor lamp. Choose one made from a translucent material like paper or porcelain, that gives a soft, warm glow without stealing the limelight (no pun intended).

Alternatively, try natural candles as their calming scents help lift our spirits while transforming the mood of a space in no time.

5. Light or dark?
Colour affects how we feel everyday and it’s crucial to get this right, not least because we will be spending a lot of time indoors in the coming months. But the question is, should we go for a light or dark colour scheme? Well, there are no right or wrong answers – essentially, it’s down to you and how you respond to different colours as an individual.

Neutral tones give a calming effect without overstimulating our senses. They work best when paired with earthy and grounded shades; think terracotta, cedar wood and olive green.

Meanwhile, dark hues offer a dramatic yet cosy, cabin-like atmosphere when applied to the whole room – including all walls and the ceiling. Blues, greens and browns are your safest bets, providing the perfect backdrop for wooden furniture and light-coloured accessories.

Want more ideas?

Don’t worry, we will be sharing more tips and advice in the coming weeks to help get your home ready for Winter. In the meantime, check out our latest products – all designed for small space living – on our website or in your nearest store.