State of the art styling for small space living


As experts in pocket pads, we’ve got small space living down to a fine art. A savvy combination of dual purpose furniture, furniture with a smaller-than-average-footprint, canny use of hooks, rails and storage, and strategically placed lighting can all help to maximise compact spaces.

But thankfully, when it comes to the finer detail of styling a small space there’s no need to compromise. A well-placed piece of art, poster or photograph, for example, can make all the difference, and in some cases introducing a large-scale artwork to a small space can mix things up – playing with scale and proportion can play crazy tricks on the mind! Anyway, if you’re in the mood for styling your space and are in the market for starting your own art collection we’ve got some sound advice – courtesy of Kate Bryan (@KateJBryan), curator of Not 30% ( which featured in an early October issue of Grazia Magazine ( She says:

You don’t need millions to start your own art collection.

* Meet the artists: By attending an event like The Other Art Fair ( you’ll get to chat to the person who has designed a work of art.

* Use Instagram: A lot of artists are showing their work on Instagram. Find someone in the art world who has similar taste to you and follow their artist network so you can start to identify what you like and dislike.

* Try the Salon hang: This consists of lots of small works installed in one space. The idea is to make it feel like they were lovingly assembled bit-by-bit over many years.

* Make friends with a framer: Framing is a vital component of acquiring and installing most art.

* Ultimately, buy what you can afford and what you love.

Futon Company says:  ‘Art’ can mean a 101 different things to a 101 different people. To some it’s a mass-produced postcard, to others it’s a framed letter from a loved one, to others it’s a picture from your niece or nephew. Whatever your definition, buy what you love and hang it somewhere you can admire it! (Unless, of course, you’re into sculpture or objet – and that’s a whole different blog post!)


Limited Edition Print by Rennie Pilgrem – Blue Cabin

Limited Edition Print by Rennie Pilgrem – Après Ski





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