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Starting uni? Pack our top essentials for a smooth transition

If you’re a parent of a child going to university this September, congratulations – it’s an adventure and probably the first time they’ve ever lived away from home. Getting them set up with all the right kit is central to settling into their new digs and feeling like it’s a home from home.

“There are hundreds of things you might want to take to university. But remember: you’re not moving to the moon,” says Owen Burek at Save the Student. “They will have shops where you’re going. It could be easier (and cheaper) to wait until arriving at university before buying some items.”

So, what should students pack before setting off? Here, we’ve broken things down into four key areas to help you – and them – get started:

Bedding 101
First things first, get the bed sorted as soon as they arrive – moving in day is sure to be hectic and exciting, so somewhere for them to crash at the end of the first long day is important. Need a new bed? Try Trundle – a slim single with a second bed cleverly stored underneath providing an easy sleep space for two within seconds.

A cosy duvet and pillows, plus their favourite bedlinen, are a must. And if the budget can be stretched, get a mattress topper for extra comfort. While cushions and throws will give that touch of luxury and provide warmth over the chillier months, a space-saving lamp that can be clipped onto a bedside table is all-important for bedtime reading.

Day-to-day essentials
Make sure they’re decked out with everything they need to hang, dry and store clothes – hangers, laundry baskets and storage boxes are a good place to start. With space at such a premium, go for smart airer options such as a towel rack or an overdoor dryer.

Create a hidden storage space under the bed with these brilliant canvas suitcases to hold everything from clothes to bedding. If permission allows, add hooks and rails to free up floor space and keep things tidy and uncluttered.

Although a desk may be provided, this clever little laptop table is the perfect piece to take anywhere – chill in bed or take to a common room to work. Invest in a good desk if possible – there are many well-designed desks around to suit different needs and budgets so there’s really no excuse.

Bathroom bits
Whether they have an en-suite or not, a dressing gown is a no-brainer for privacy and lounging – and so are some fluffy new towels. Try our Yoku bath sheet; with a sleek waffle design, it’s lightweight and absorbent meaning no more waiting hours for the towels to dry. What about toiletries? A bathroom caddy is ideal for transporting all bits and bobs safely (and stylishly) to the bathroom – wherever that may be.

Kitchen basics
Nowadays, you can find a great variety of starter packs for those moving out for the first time. Add personality with some funky tea towels, tactile bowls and plates, and an extra large and hardwearing mug for the multiple teas, coffees and hot chocolates that will be drunk over the next few years.

Last but not least, fill picture frames with photos of family and friends. We know it’s hard moving away from home, but they’ll feel less homesick with memories to hand.

If you’re after more tips and advice, visit Save the Student for its super handy checklist of everything they would – and would not – recommend for taking to uni. Meanwhile, shop our furniture and home accessories in-store or online now. Good luck!