Spruce Up Your Hallway


Flicking through the August 2015 issue of Livingetc, we were inspired by Charlotte Luxford’s feature 10 ideas for hallways: big up these overlooked spaces with clever decorating techniques. Although focusing on all sizes of hallways there are plenty of tips and clever techniques in the article for making the most of small space entrance halls. We select our favourites…

Visual trickery: “Let mirrors and paint effects play with the senses…Best for turning a pokey hall into a seemingly spacious room…Wide-striped wallpaper placed horizontally works a treat in smaller spaces. To make a hall appear even broader, paint the far wall in a rich accent colour, such as a cobalt blue or charcoal black, so it appears to expand as you advance down the space. Another idea is to paint the doors leading off the hall in a darker shade than the walls…Trick of the trade – in small areas, mirrors are your friends – not only will they bounce the light around, they can also make a space seem wider if you place a large-format mirror on one side-wall. Ideally, go for something such as built-in storage with mirrored sliding panelled doors for maximum effect. To lengthen a hallway, put a mirror at the end of the space to draw the eye in”

Brave new walls: “Go beyond the pale with a colour-pop design. Best for creating a sense of surprise in this little-used space…Trick of the trade – unlike many other rooms in the house, you don’t have to contend with loads of existing furniture or architectural details in a hallway, so the walls can be the focus of your scheme. If you have a dado rail, it’s best not to split the wallpaper design – continuity is preferable in corridors, as just wallpapering up to the dado will make the walls seem shorter and the ceiling lower”

Light the way: “Illumination is key to an entrance…Best for setting the right mood in your hallway night and day…Trick of the trade – for a successful lighting scheme, it’s best to layer different types, such as downlighters, strip lighting and floor lights. Using only just downlighters will create a flat, harsh light and make a space seem smaller as no light is reflected off the walls and ceiling. So it’s best to mix these with fittings that will wash the walls and floors with light, especially up stair treads”

Embrace the dark: “Be bold and transform a dingy space with a daring hue…Best for small, compact hallways with little natural light…Biggest pro – the hall is a transitional space where not much time is spent, so it’s naturally an area of the home where you can afford to be bolder with your colour scheme. A simple navy, red or grey paint is a fail-safe way to add drama without having to do any hard graft…Expert tip – by using a dark colour, you can instantly make other rooms off the hallway seem brighter and bigger. Just ensure the darker paint is still complementary to the other rooms so that it doesn’t jar. Farrow & Ball suggest treating your ceiling as a fifth wall by taking the paint up over the cornice and letting it bleed into the ceiling, which will immediately add height”

Futon Company says: As well as making the most of clever decorating tips and ideas there’s plenty of multi functional furniture around that can help you to maximise your hallway, however small. As the entrance space to the home, it’s the ideal space for storing coats, shoes, umbrellas and everyday clutter.

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