Spotlight on coffee tables: 6 tips to help yours shine

The humble coffee table is said to date back to the Victorian era, or earlier some believe, and was first used as a table for serving tea. Nowadays, it’s more often than not, the central point of our living rooms. A high-traffic piece – often used to hold drinks, store clutter or gather the family around – is exactly why getting the right table and styling it appropriately can make or break your space.

Sophie Warren-Smith at Homes and Gardens would agree: “Coffee table styling is the finishing touch to a living room. Often the last piece of furniture to be bought – after seating and storage – coffee tables are often, even unintentionally, the focal point of a living room, so getting the styling just right is a must”.

So, what do you need to consider when it comes to the coffee table? Here’s our rundown of the best ways to style yours:

There’s no escaping the fact that any surface in the home is a clutter magnet – eliminate mess with a handy trug or tray and keep things tidy and aesthetically pleasing. A tray can be moved in an instant when your table is in use. If you’re keen to stash away everything completely, opt for a storage coffee table or a piece with hidden storage (say our Otto stool) which cleverly doubles up as a footstool or additional seating.

Layer light
Your living room is your haven – so why not make it a retreat with some cosy ambient lighting? Whether you opt for a cordless lantern in the centre of your room, or a striking table lamp that can be plugged in by the side of your sofa, choose a style that complements your coffee table and add depth to your room.

Outside in
Biophilic design is everywhere. Filling your home with nature and greenery will keep it fresh and thriving. Planters and vases, whether filled with real or faux plants, will not only look good on a coffee table but help introduce a sense of calm and serenity to the space.

Exhibit art
Art isn’t just for walls! We love these beautifully crafted resin bird sculptures – perfect for adding a touch of personality to your table centrepiece. Curate a trio of your prized possessions for your coffee table – and when you fancy a change, move them around and mix things up.

Keep it simple
Practicality is key! Ensure there is space on your coffee table to put everyday objects down – and a place to rest your feet. However, if your living room is already looking busy, keep your table minimal and pared-back. Remember, a clear space can help rest the mind meaning you can relax more easily.

Again, hidden storage is a no-brainer for this! Our three-tier coffee table offers five shelves for displaying knick-knacks, magazines or books so you can have the first level clean and clear.

Fit, form and function
Lastly, but most importantly, selecting the right table (from size to shape, material to features) can impact how well it works – and how long it lasts for you and your family.

“Consider scale as well as actual measurements when selecting a size,” Abe Abbas at The Spruce explains. “Select a coffee table that is no more than two-thirds of your sofa’s total length. An important thing to remember is to leave enough space around the coffee table for leg space.” Check out The Spruce website for more tips and advice.

So, are you in the market for a new coffee table? Or do you just fancy updating yours with some fresh styling for the upcoming season? Shop our latest furniture and decorative accessories in-store or online now.