Spark Joy In A Small Space


Here at Futon Company we – like most of the design community and media, it seems – are huge fans of Japanese declutter guru Marie Kondo. Her book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying captured our imagination last year and we dutifully set out to apply Kondo’s principles of meditation, feng shui and mindfulness. To our mind, her book and its guiding principles are a must-read for small space dwellers.

So we were more than excited to read in February 2016 that Kondo released a follow up book in January. Red Lifestyle Director Pip McCormactells us what to expect. He says: “Her theory goes that if you follow her technique for ridding your life of clutter, keeping only those items which spark joy and revering what’s left in your house, you’ll feel more focused, able to make decisions, less held back by the accumulated detritus of your life.” Control, according to McCormac, is the central tenet running through Kondo’s books. She advocates a Festival of Tidying where you fill as many bin bags as you can with the things you no longer need. Apparently, the way to test whether to keep it or bin it is to touch it. She says, “say the words out loud, ‘does this spark joy in me?’ and you’ll know either way.”

To help put the importance of our possessions into perspective, Kondo neatly summarises the underlying concept of her philosophy. She says, “the question of what you want to own is actually the question of how you want to live your life.”

Futon Company says: With small space living fast becoming a way of life for millions of householders across the globe, small homes are now the reality for most of us. City dwellers are only too familiar with the challenges of making small spaces work so it’s more important than ever that you buy objects which you love, and furniture which has multiple functions and can be easily adapted and moved around to re-define the function of the space. Check out some clever space saving ideas from Futon Company…

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