In our regular Spacemaker slot we speak to individuals or groups who work with space for a living or have a passion for space.  The space they talk about could be physical space, mental space, small space or a special space…

This time we talk to Gillian Westley, freelance designer about her view of ‘Space Time Continuum.’

Less space = More time

As a freelance designer I am sensitive to the continuous changes that we make in our spaces through my experience of being a working mother and a homemaker. There are many influential reasons for change; personal, technological and cultural. My ethos is to create products that respond to these factors. Each product may be influenced by one, two or all factors each in varying degrees to improve the use of our time. Our dynamic lifestyles means that more and more is done automatically and for me that includes; locating things or using things thoughtlessly. From placing your keys in the same place every evening and not having to look for them in the morning to keeping a set of nesting bowls that can be used for a multitude of tasks that means more of your cupboard space can be dedicated to other items. We all function differently within our spaces and therefore products must be adaptable to our idiosyncrasies. But filling the space void with clutter or inefficient products increases stress and therefore impacts on our down time, and we all would like more of that.


Image 1. Concept product for JosephJoseph Elevate Range.

Image 2. Prototype for additional coat rack/ children’s coat rack.