In our regular Spacemaker slot we speak to individuals or groups who work with space for a living or have a passion for space.  The space they talk about could be physical space, mental space, small space or a special space…This time we talk to Jeffrey Cheung…

Tell us about yourself

My name is Jeffrey Cheung, Caro Communications, Account Director, Public Relations for Design. I work full time at Caro and for a range of design and retail clients.

What type of space do you work with?

Interior space – my clients at work are mostly design/homeware clients that offer products and solutions for the home or public spaces.

Describe your ‘average’ day working with space

Space is important for me – as part of my job – to understand not only how people interact with space, but also how my clients’ products can enhance those interactions. In terms of my work space, I work in an open plan office; a very compact space but I’m always surrounded by a group of creative minds and LOTS of design/architecture books! Because it’s an open space, we work, we eat and we chat within the same space.

Why is the space you work with important to you?

From a job perspective, it’s what I do on a daily basis; from a work space perspective, it helps make my job a lot more enjoyable.

How do you think the space you work with impacts on other people?

From a job perspective, in a way – as a PR professional – we are influencing what people are “filling” their home or public spaces with to enhance their everyday lives. From a work space perspective, we work as a team, in a small community, and therefore everyone will be affected by the work space – their work efficiency, their well-being.

What attracted you to this type of work?

Creativity and people

What are your thoughts on small spaces? 

Happy to adapt as long as they are well-planned with good space-saving ideas/solutions. Good people also help! Work efficiency will be mostly affected if a space is badly planned.


oak ladder shelfSpace saving solution…the Futon Company Ladder Shelf