Space saving goodies for team tub and the shower squad

With all this talk of relaxation and mindfulness, and with winter well and truly here, our minds have turned to getting cosy. And when it comes to cosy there’s nothing nicer that a long soak in a hot tub filled with lush-scented bubble bath. Which makes us part of ‘team tub.’

That’s according to Samantha Silver, writing for The Sunday Times Style, 11 November, who says:  “Are you team tub or shower squad? When it comes to washing, there are two camps: bath or shower. Whether you think showers fail to maximise me-time, or that baths are less about washing and more about languishing in your own, erm, filth, you’re unlikely to switch sides. While a recent survey suggests that 64% of Brits prefer a perfunctory shower over a cocooning hot bath – and apparently 72% of people come up with creative ideas in the shower – one study, conducted this year, found that people who immerse themselves in baths showed lower levels of stress and tension.”

Futon Company says: Whether you’re, as Silver puts it ‘team tub or shower squad’, your bathroom should always strive to be a well-ordered sanctuary. After all, it’s one of the few places where screen time isn’t really allowed, so it’s the ideal place to get mindful or creative and take some me-time. And whether your bathroom is a pocket pad or positively palatial, the name of the game should always be to embrace space saving living and create a well ordered space for your laundry, loo rolls and toiletries. Rub-a-dub-tub – tackle the space invaders head-on with our range of bathroom goodies.


Bamboo Alpha Basket Rack


Wire Basket Tray


Bliss Soap Dish