Smarter Space Solutions

We’ve definitely got a spring in our step this week! What with the lighter nights, longer days and the ability to meet our friends and family outside, we can’t help but be a little bit excited. And with all this excitement going on it means that we might finally get to spend a little more time in the big wide world AKA in a place that’s not our home! So with all this to happening around us, our thoughts are suddenly turning towards a spring clean, or a spring revamp – so that when autumn comes around and we need to spend more time inside again, we’re prepared! To help, we’re sharing some top tips from our glorious go-to bible Elle Decoration. The March issue is brimming with helpful ideas, including a fabulous feature called Smarter Space Now…

Says Nimi Attanyake, founder of Nimtim Architects: When space is at a premium, it is even more important to make sure the design is tailored to you. We do this by asking questions, playing games, testing current and future scenarios. We (like) to make sure homes work hard and are flexible and adaptable enough to meet needs now and in the future…Storage is something that comes up a lot… There has been a significant move away from big open-plan rooms towards more compartmented and articulated spaces. Most of our clients are now looking for a sense of open-ness and connection, but with a bit more definition and consideration towards the different functions of rooms in their homes…. This articulation of spaces has come into its own during lockdown, allowing different activities to occur throughout the house without disruption

• Slim fit: Awkward areas are often the most satisfying to find use for. Shelves slotted into the ends of partition walls are especially pleasing
• A screen or divider creates spaces without breaking the flow

Says New York based architect Michael Chen: (When designing for micro living) it’s all about setting priorities and looking for unique opportunities. Living in a small home does not mean that everything has to be tiny. Consider introducing something overscaled…. A table is often one of the first things that people are willing to compromise on (in a small space) but they’re social, generous and optimistic… Multifunctional objects or furnishings aren’t useful unless they allow the space around them to be used differently without requiring much effort… It’s important that smallness doesn’t supersede other design principles. Small spaces can become oppressive and suffocating when people try to do too much with them.

Futon Company says: We like the concept of futureproofing your space, especially in this mad world where – as we’ve seen – literally anything can happen! We interpret this as thinking about all of the different uses your space might potentially have over the next few years, and trying to accommodate these (think office/ school/ yoga studio/ aerobics studio/ disco/ restaurant – hopefully we’ll be back to the real things soon – oh to see our work colleagues in person – but it’s always helpful to have a back up plan!). While many of us live in a small space and would struggle to divide and carve up our space, there are still ways to be clever. As the article says, clever storage and multifunctional furniture are absolutely key – as is a multi-purpose table that can be used for work, hobbies and entertaining. Happy futureproofing!

Louvre Screen

Oak Console Table

Edo Console Table

Oak Softmod Side Table by John Weaver

Cache Table Tall Version

Oak Shaker 5 Hook Rail