Small Steps Approach to Curbing the Clutter

Now that we’re well and truly in the midst of the deep mid-winter, it stands to reason that our minds are firmly focused on sorting out our spaces. From deep cleaning to clutter cleansing, our thoughts right now are firmly on tackling the space invaders!

Regular Futon Company followers will know that we’re big fans of decluttering expert Marie Condo. And now that she has a slot on Netflix there’s the perfect excuse to watch TV while turning our minds to getting things sorted. But Condo’s not the only expert around – there’s a new decluttering book on the block.

Debra Robertson, author of Declutter: The Get-Real Guide To Creating Calm From Chaos offers a small step approach to decluttering. She suggests tackling ‘coffee cup zones’ first. Here’s what she says:

* We all have ‘coffee-cup zones – hot spots where rubbish accumulates. They occur out of a deeply ingrained habit that becomes unconscious and, worse, invisible.
* Ask yourself: where are your coffee-cup zones? One might be the basket you placed on the hall table for the post…or the chair in the bedroom that’s always covered in a week’s worth of laundry
* Wander about your home and list each coffee-cup zone. Make a plan to tackle them, writing down exactly when you are going to do it. ‘Monday, 8pm, sort out hell bowl of rubbish on dining table’ makes it a million times more likely you will do it.
* The power of cumulative small victories is what will help you win this clutter war. There is never a perfect moment or place to start, so you might as well start here and now with an easy win.

Futon Company says: As experts in small space living we’re big advocates of the small steps approach! This ‘easy win’ approach to curbing the clutter is one resolution that we can all commit to – even when time is at a premium. One top tip that we can add (that’s especially helpful if you live in a small space) is to allocate purpose built furniture and accessories to your coffee-cup zones. So, for example, if the hallway is a zone for you, think about getting a multi-functional piece of furniture or an accessory that organises your clutter. If your keys create clutter, curate and make a feature of them. Curb your clutter now – one small step at a time!


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