Small Statements

What makes a house a home?  That’s the question on everyone’s lips, according to interior designer Jo Berryman (, but her response might surprise you…

It’s not the big statements, she says, or even statement walls that make an impact.  It’s the little things.  It’s the bits that “make your home what it is – who you are.”  She calls it “emotional bric-a-brac” or “the museum of me”.  Her explanation is quite straightforward:  “When you decorate a home as a real person, for a real person, it’s accessories that are key.  Womb rooms – what I call the spaces filled with personal fripperies – become a place of nurture and cosiness.”

Her tips for ordering clutter (or ornaments) include:

  • Avoid the tendency to cluster symmetrically, and instead group things based on scale – tall things together, small things together and so forth
  • Rows of shelving allow you to display cherished pieces and shuffle arrangements – this constant evolution keeps the space alive (static homes are dull ones, she believes)
  • Showstopper lighting is essential
  • Don’t agonise over paint shades.  Colour is just a shell for the bits that really matter.  “Like so many things, it’s what’s inside that counts


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