Small Space Storage Saviours

Forever on the hunt for savvy storage solutions to maximise small space living, we hit upon Janet Dunn’s blog for 9 Ways To Add Storage To A Small Home.

Jam-packed full of clever and insightful hints, tips and visuals, Dunn says “when you’re short on floor space, sometimes the only place to go is up…”

“A small footprint,” she says “can mean big storage issues. With limited floor space, it pays to look up to your ‘air space’. By thinking vertically, you’ll find a whole world of opportunities and ideas… that find room up high in tight spaces.”

Small space solutions, according to Dunn, come in many different forms including:

– Out-of-reach cabinetry. Dunn suggests building floor to ceiling cabinetry, with the top shelves accessible by a step ladder. Many items aren’t needed day to day and she suggests storing these on the top shelves
– Embrace the hook, “the hook is the saviour of the spatially challenged.” Hooks, says Dunn, work in every room, adding heaps of storage and hanging space. When using several hooks in one room she recommends staggering them so items are kept clear of one another. Don’t forget the underside of the shelf too
– The back of a door is a rarely-utilised space and is perfect for storing soft toys in the playroom, and towels or cleaning equipment in the bathroom. Dunn recommends a rubber stopper to maximise clearance
– For renters seeking to maximise wall space, Dunn recommends wall boxes which “can be attached with minimal damage and are easily removed and transported when you relocate”
– Wall-hung baskets work well in the kitchen and bathroom and are the ideal way to free up wall space as well as keeping surfaces clear. Use them to store fruit, non perishable vegetables, cloths and utensils, and for renters a wall-hung basket per housemate keeps toiletries personal
– Limited outside storage space? Grow a vertical garden. “Even a postage-stamp-sized outdoor space offers a chance to try your green fingers,” says Dunn…time to get planting!

Futon Company says:  Getting into the right mindset is the first step to making the most of small space living. As well as maximising the space you do have available there are plenty of furniture pieces on the market right now specially designed for small spaces – dual purpose furniture, functional art and foldaway items are a step in the right direction, and we have plenty of ideas to get you started…

Narrow Bamboo Folding Wardrobe










Ben’s Hat Tree











Switch Sofa Bed










Half Moon Folding Table