Small Space Solutions from the Experts

When it comes to making the most of small space living we know all about designing practical yet space saving furniture and creating dual-purpose products here at Futon Company. But we’re always on the look-out for hints and tips on the topic of space saving living, and the May 2016 issue of Elle Decoration didn’t let us down. ‘A Small Space Solutions’ piece taking tips from interior architect Charlotte Vauvillier offered inspiring insight as she explained the “design tricks behind [her] compact yet capacious home.” She says…

  • Incorporate as much storage as possible – consider creating bespoke storage and make the most of all space – think floor to ceiling cupboards and don’t forget forgotten spaces like under the treads of the stairs
  • Work with natural light – make the most of windows, and if you plan to play around with the internal layout of your home be sure to maximise the windows and natural light source available
  • Use mirrors to create a sense of space – position them in recesses to create the illusion of there being another space behind them. Mirrors can often be key to design as they can conjour a ‘virtual space’
  • Apply colour carefully – light grey works well as a back drop in small spaces. The occasional use of a darker colour can give a room depth. It creates a “happy accident or rupture in the scheme and adds interest”
  • Emphasise the height of the ceilings. High ceilings help to create a sense of spaciousness even when rooms are fairly small


Quad 2 Seater Double Sofa Bed










Oak Corner Ladder Shelf









Oak Storage Mirror